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Updated: Mar 2

We want to express our sympathy and solidarity with all those affected by the madness of the war and violence in Ukraine. We would like to see the war end as immediately as it began last Thursday night. Unfortunately, that seems unforseeable. We hope that there will be no further escalation and that all those who are fleeing or are unable to do so will find help in solidarity wherever they are.

We have started to collect initiatives and possibilities through which we can provide practical help. We also post here calls for participation in campaigns that we consider useful. This list is not complete and will be added to over time.

In-kind and financial donations:

Resources for Ukraine Refugees and Supporters:

Information Hub for Ukrainians in Berlin who need help

  • https://coordination030.notion.site/coordination030/Coordination-Centre-030-dcf6a848b61a40d490fa0814ab41955b

Offer accommodation:

In Berlin:

Offer legal help:

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Call for Solidarity with those affected by the War in Ukraine

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