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Our group "Antikrieg" (directly translating to "antiwar") has formed during the spring semester 2019 at Humboldt-University in Berlin, during a class that was part of the Q-programme of the bologna.lab. Collectively, we read texts, discussed and heard guest lectures to get an idea what it means to campaign against war today. Even then it was clear to us that we wanted to keep working and to reach a non-academic audience to start a discussion about war and peace. As a group, we continued to work in the university setting for the autumn semester 2019/20, and since then we are working independently.

We published two magazines in German and we are working on translating our content. Currently, we are still thinking about how society can position itself against war and are trying to combine research and activism.

We are inviting everyone who is interested to start critical and constructive discussions with us and with society or to participate in our work.

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